The Trust...

The Trust was set up in 1986 with equity left by the late Philip Henman. The original aim was to continue funding causes supported by Philip Henman during his lifetime. After ten years, the Trustees felt a need to re-structure the Trust, so a consultant was brought in to advise them on how to distribute grants more effectively.

The Trust now spends all of its available grant expenditure on projects that are of a duration of three-to-five years and which are operated by major UK charities concerned with long-term overseas development. Long-term overseas development includes projects committed to education, skills development, the development of basic infrastructure and technology.

The Trust only considers applications from organisations that meet certain criteria. Please see the Grants page for more details. If the project is part of a broader, multi-faceted initiative, applicants need to focus on the project for which a Henman Grant is needed, while, of course, clearly explaining the context and framework in which the project is placed.


Registered charity number: 1054707



10th September 2023

Please note we only consider grant applications once a year.
The deadline every year will be 10th September.