The Philip Henman Trust is currently supporting the following projects,

    Action Village India

    Advancing the education of girls to reduce child marriage, develop communities and increase life opportunities. Bihar and Jharkhand States, India

    Education for the Children

    Initiating a literacy acceleration programme. The School of Hope, Jocotenango, Guatemala

    United Purpose

    Building Independent Futures: sustainable food security for the poorest and most marginalised women farmers in Khulna District, South Bangladesh

    Cool Earth

    Safe sanitation supplies for indigenous rainforest villages in Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea.


    Water for villages of Charkent District, Afganistan.

    Phase Worldwide Improving maternal and child health in remote Nepal. Maila Village Development Community, Humla District, Far West Nepal.

    Just a Drop

    Schools Water Programme providing clean and safe water and educating children on hygiene in 5 schools. Makueni County, South-East Kenya.

    Chance for Childhood

    Giving agri-business training and providing pigs to families who have children with severe and complex communication difficulties, as a means of income generation and promoting social welfare and inclusion. Gakenke, Musanze and Nyabihu Districts, North Rwanda.

    Chance For ChangeOffering young Malawians the opportunity to train as bicycle engineers, and to own their own bikes so they can travel safely to school and run their own businesses.
    Comfort International Juba Street Kids Project. Juba, South Sudan.

    Inga Foundation

    Trees for Life Programme - Helping "slash and burn" farmers in the tropics of Honduras change their environmentally destructive practices into a financially sustainable, organic, carbon-saving and productive alternative: ‘the Inga Alley Cropping System.’



10th September 2023

Please note we only consider grant applications once a year.
The deadline every year will be 10th September.


photo: Abir Abdullah/Drik