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In A City

Stories from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, edited by D J Clark
Published by The British Council 2011.

Stories from Hanoi, Vietnam, edited by D J Clark
Published by The British Council 2009.

China, Photography and Famine
Research paper presented at The British International Studies Association conference, December 2004, The Political Studies Association conference, April 2005 and The Elephant Conference, London College of Communication, May 2005. China Seen by the Chinese: Documentary Photography, 1951−2003 conference, Princeton University 2009 and to be published as a chapter in a new book Photography and Atrocity by Reaktion in 2011.

Digitised Image Markets and the Politics of Place
A critical exploration of contemporary changes to the global single image market and the impact on public understanding of the majority world. Research paper presented at Global Photographies: Histories, Theories, Practices conference,
Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Dun Laoghaire, June 2007
and Locating Photography: Between the Local, the National and the Universal conference, University of Durham, September 2007. Also published as a chapter in The Changing World of International News: The Impact of Digital Technology to be published by Routledge in 2010.

Representing the Majority World: famine, photojournalism and the Changing Visual Economy
PhD thesis published by the University of Durham

Imaging Famine
Accompanying the images from the Imaging Famine Exhibition (August 2005, the Newsroom, London) is a publication dealing with famine, Live Aid, and the politics of representation. The catalogue is co authored by Professor David Campbell, University of Durham and Dr Kate Manzo, University of Newcastle and published by The Guardian. Available from The Guardian Newsroom. As well as the exhibition and publication Clark organised a two day academic conference at the newsroom, London and set up a panel at the Development Education Association Conference, Milton Keynes, September 2005.

The Production of a Contemporary Famine Image
The image economy, indigenous photographers and the case of Mechanic Philipos. Published in the Journal of International Development 16, 1-12 (2004) published by Wiley InterScience. The paper was presented at the Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change conference September 2003

Sourcing Pictures
Development Education, Images and Indigenous Photographers
Published in The Development Education Journal, January 2006 and presented at Picturing Atrocity: Photography in Crisis conference, December, 2005 at The Graduate Center, Columbia University, New York.

Winston Churchill Fellowship
Investigating the visual representation of Bangladesh and Ethiopia 2003.

A Little English City
£14.99 softback
£24 limited edition (250 copies only) signed and numbered hardback
96 pages, 118 colour photographs
ISBN: 0-9540392-0-3 - softback, 0-9540392-1-1 - hardback
Published by Nextnorth
- June 2001

Real Picture
Image guidelines to staff of overseas development agencies
Published by Nextnorth - October 1999

News From Somewhere
A Journey exploring the work of twelve artists, text and poetry by Anna Adams.
Published by Appl - June 1999

Listening to Smaller Voices
Children in an Environment of Change, text by Victoria Johnson, Joanna Hill and Edda Ivan-Smith
ISBN: 1-872502296, softback £8
Published by Actionaid - March 1995


in a city