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1992-93 Street and Working Children: 26 venue tour including, 10 Downing Street, European Parliament, UN headquarters, World Health Organisation and the Barbican, London.
1994  Children of Conflict: World British Embassy tour.
1995  Faces of Nepal: Lancashire health venue tour.
1996 Flights of Passage: Web based exhibition.
1998 Health of a Nation: Folly Gallery, Lancaster Now on permanent show at the United Nations Augusta Victoria Hospital, Jerusalem..
1999 Gypsies, Refugees and Slum Dwellers: UK Schools tour.
2001 Galinhos: Folly Gallery, Lancaster.
2001-03 A Little English City: Opened at the Storey and Folly Galleries, Lancaster (July 2001), followed by a 3 venue USA tour (2001-2003), Pendle Arts Gallery (2003). Pingyao Photography festival, China (2005) & Bamako Photography festival, Mali (2005) online at
2005 Imaging Famine: The Newsroom, London online at
2008 Watching Olympics: Photographers Gallery, Maputo, Mozambique.
2009 In A City: Stories from Hanoi,Trang Tien Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam, curated by D J Clark
2010 Survival Scene: Photographic exhibition on changing communities in Taiwan, curated by D J Clark. Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2011 In A City: Stories from Ho Chi Minh,Nha Trung Bay Trien Lam Tranh Pho Gallery, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, curated by D J Clark


1988 From Here to There: Drama, shot in Northwest England and Harlem, New York. Shown regionally.
1993 Purple Army: Documentary of the British Special Olympic team, Grampian TV.
1994 Heartfelt: Documentary on amateur aid to Bosnia during the war. BBC Wales
2001 Searching for The Lost World: Documentary following an expedition looking for evidence that Conan Doyle's epic dinosaur adventure was influenced by explorer Colonel Fawcett's travels in the Amazon. National Geographic Television.

Ussuria 2003: Tracking down Siberia's Crocodile Dundee: A film that follows an expedition to the forests of Russia's far east in search of the story behind the real Dersu Uzala, National Geographic Television.

Bosnian boy from film Heartfelt