General Information

During the year 2000 D J Clark built a visual record of the Lancaster & Morecambe district using photographs and information submitted by those that feature in the pictures. The project was conducted in association with Lancaster Museum and has been archived for future generations to look back at the district at the turn of the new Millennium. For more information on the project visit the information page. If you find a caption is wrong or there is a fault with the page please e-mail D J Clark.

Date: April 24th 2000
Location: M6 Forton

Photographer's Diary

Monday 24th April - Easter Bank Holiday

Forton Services

With the Easter weekend in full swing my confidence was growing in the project and my belief in the British public to accept me taking their picture. I had received permission to photograph the motorway service station for a day in the life and this was deemed to be one of their busiest days. Contrary to popular opinion they were well organised and had 75 of the 150 staff there and ready to deal with the crowds. I met the boss briefly who said, carry on and I started.

I am not sure what it is about the British public at the moment but I found I was not wanted. I explained to a few people what it was I was doing, but they did not seem to have the time. Stop, go to the toilet, grab a sandwich and go. I photographed what I could, wandered from one end to the other and back, around the grounds, but was worried. I thought this would be much stronger. I left after half an hour telling myself I would return at 5 PM when it was meant to be busier.

Forton Services - Again

The weather was superb but I was determined to wait until 5:30 to catch the crowds. I missed both, the weather changed just as I pulled in the place was more empty than my first visit. I rushed some more pictures and returned home. I felt unhappy about the whole affair and sat at home uncomfortable with the thought I was given a day and hadn't produced the goods. What was worse, was the fact I had a ticket to the rovers game and gave it up to make these pictures.

At 7 PM the weather broke again and I grabbed my cameras to return. This time the light was fantastic and I drove around and around looking for the right angle. I found it and got the picture. I then returned to the services and continued shooting, finishing with sunset across the BP station.

Other Information

This was one of the first service stations to be built in the UK on the first ever stretch of Motorway (Preston to Lancaster) built in 1960. A network of motorways now make up the main means of inter city transport in the UK.