General Information

During the year 2000 D J Clark built a visual record of the Lancaster & Morecambe district using photographs and information submitted by those that feature in the pictures. The project was conducted in association with Lancaster Museum and has been archived for future generations to look back at the district at the turn of the new Millennium. For more information on the project visit the information page. If you find a caption is wrong or there is a fault with the page please e-mail D J Clark.

Date: December 24th, 2000
Location: Various Locations

Photographer's Diary

25th December Christmas Day

At 7 AM the phone went, I had asked some neighbours to call me when their kids woke. I rushed downstairs grabbed my camera bag and headed off to their house, where the kids had been locked out the front room where all the treasure lay waiting for that strange photographer man. I got there and they rushed in. Soon unaware of my presence they opened the huge pile of packages in front of them and screamed with delight. The parents just sat, still dressed to sleep, and smoking a cigarette. The children were wonderful and made me feel warm.
Arriving home, the phone was ringing, this time it was the Yates' . By the time I arrived most of the presents were open with paper strewn in every direction. I had a coffee and watched them play with the new toys, again clearly happy at the prospect of a day to play.

Getting home it was now my turn and as always, Maggie had worked hard to ensure my pile of goodies was no smaller than the children I had visited. I woke the three boys (we picked an extra foster son up Christmas Eve) and we tucked in no different to the excited children I had photographed.

The rest of the day moved slowly. A game of football, followed by a visit to the Homeless Centre set up for Christmas at St Thomas' Church. I had volunteered to take a picture for the paper the day before in return for some pictures of the Christmas lunch. Tony, the man in charge, had given me the wrong time for the lunch, so instead I waited for Santa.
My lunch was spent at Anne and Ian (brother and sister in law) with many others in the family. I continued to shoot pictures but gave up after lunch.