General Information

During the year 2000 D J Clark built a visual record of the Lancaster & Morecambe district using photographs and information submitted by those that feature in the pictures. The project was conducted in association with Lancaster Museum and has been archived for future generations to look back at the district at the turn of the new Millennium. For more information on the project visit the information page. If you find a caption is wrong or there is a fault with the page please e-mail D J Clark.

Date: August 22nd 2000
Location: Midland Hotel Morecambe Prom

Photographer's Diary

The Midland Hotel

In the afternoon I went down to the Midland Hotel in Morecambe. It was falling to bits, with the shame of the food licence being taken away just a few weeks earlier by health and safety who deemed the kitchens to be unsafe. The current manager, a young man called Mark Smith, told me he worked 8 am to 11 PM, I'm not sure why but he was unhappy with the owners and keen for me to take pictures of the poor state of ill repair"I know very little about this place" he told me. "I'm the last one to know anything around here".

He let me roam, and I did but most doors were locked. I found the roof gave great views of the prom and an obvious but secure picture of the jetty. I left after half an hour and said I would return the next day when a room would be free to take pictures of.