General Information

During the year 2000 D J Clark built a visual record of the Lancaster & Morecambe district using photographs and information submitted by those that feature in the pictures. The project was conducted in association with Lancaster Museum and has been archived for future generations to look back at the district at the turn of the new Millennium. For more information on the project visit the information page. If you find a caption is wrong or there is a fault with the page please e-mail D J Clark.

Date: December 16th, 2000
Location: On the Museum steps, Market square, Lancaster

Photographer's Diary

Saturday 16th December - People of Lancaster

The project was devised to have four sections, Days in a Life, Cityscapes, Events & People. The last section had been put back and put back until I finally decided to try and do it all in one go. The Guardian ran a story on the event, and I set up a studio on the Museum steps. It was all very rushed as I was in Overton earlier in the morning to photograph sheep being moved through the village. Scott Hodgson, a student came to help on the promise I would buy him beer in the evening.

The studio set up, and the camera loaded we waited as the rain started. Within a minute our first customer arrived and I quickly tested the setup. Being outside made the lights not flash, but I got round it and started the process. Within minutes there was a queue stretched out across Market square. Within the first 2 hours we had reached our target of 50 pictures and gone beyond. I cursed my wife for not showing up to help as she promised as I was keen to get food and a short break.

We had planned to stay till 4 PM but by 3 we were wet, tired and had shot 106 pictures. Film was running out and it was time to go home. We did, only to return an hour later to shoot some carol singers in Marketgate and a couple of tramps sneaking a drop of whisky in the dry.